This page is from Louise's photos taken during a driving tour of central

and southern Mexico in 1994 with Coni, Bill, Don, Louise, and Mary Jane.

This map represents the route taken for this 3 week trip from

Cancun to major ruins and shopping sites.

Got off to a slow start - - water pump replacement after just 30 miles on the trip.

Bill towed Vanetta to the local mechanico.  Started the next day after repairing transmission leak.

Unwinding at the Snook Inn, Campeche after first

full day of travel.

A good resting spot in Champoton in state of Campeche, just onto the Yucatan.

This is in Catemaco, the meeting place for the annual witches conference.

An outdoor market in Jalapa.

The following photographs are from the Museo De Antropologia near Jalapa.

Sights along the road to Puebla.

These two pictures are of the

 hidden or covered pyramid in Puebla.

The next stop is to view the ruins of Cacaxtla.  These ruins contain some of the few preserved paintings, and in order to preserve the ruins, they are covered and no flash is permitted.

The "food service" was located just out the gate of the ruins at Cacaxtla.  The tacos were served on blue tortillas and the specialties were the fungus from the corn and the flower of the squash.

Now on the road to Teotihuacan.

One overloaded donkey.

A funeral in progress.


Pole dancing performance.

Onward to Tula and points beyond.

Now for a little shopping.  First stop Tequisquipan then on to Colon.

The large "rock" above is in Bernal.  Below shows the wool weaving in Colon.

And the circus arrives in San Juan del Rio.

Next stop is San Miguel de Allende.

Next shopping stop is Oaxaca.


A funeral in progress.

Central de Abasto Oaxaca.

Colorful handcrafts at Oaxaca market.

Negotiating for some fireworks/rockets.

The market in Coluca where anything is to be had from live turkeys to plastic buckets.

These pictures below are the Zapoteca ruins - Monte Alban.

These pictures are a small sample of the dancers at the Guelaguetza which is held in July every year in Oaxaca.  The many cultures of the area demonstrate the dances of their past.

This shows a part of the crowd enjoying the festivities.

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