Emily passed to the south of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, and then struck Cozumel and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico on 18 July 2005 with maximum winds near 135 MPH.  Emily crossed the Yucatan and weakened.  
On 19 October  2005 Wilma became a Cat 5 Hurricane..and its minimum central pressure dropped to an estimated 882 MB.  While its very small eye was centered about 365  miles southeast of Cozumel.  This is the lowest pressure on record for a hurricane in the Atlantic Basin.  Wilma's maximum intensity is estimated to have been 175 MPH.  On 21 October the hurricane made landfall over Cozumel and early the next day it made landfall over the NE Yucatan Peninsula, at Puerto Morelos.  Both at Cat 4 intensity.  Wilma moved slowly and emerged over the Gulf of Mexico early on 23 October.
After Wilma we decided to double check on how many hurricanes we had survived since living in Puerto Morelos.  There were 10 . September   1988  Gilberto, November   1988    TS Keith,    ,September  1995     Opal ,October 1995  Roxanne, November  1998  Mitch, September  2000  Gordon, September  2002    Isadore,   July 2003 Claudette , July 2005  Emily , October  2005  Wilma         


2005 was not the best year for Puerto Morelos.  the first 10 photos are from Emily. 

The above photos are all of Emily 18 July 2005

Thursday 20 October in afternoon.  surf starting

October 21 2005  11:45 pm cst

21 October

Early morning 22 October



Morning of 22 October

 Looking north morning of 23 October


 Morning of 23 October 

 Looking south morning of 23 October


  Jungle from our roof  23 October

  Navy & civil Defense arriving Puerto Morelos 10/23/05

Hola Asia 

 Artisans market 




 Our leaning Lighhouse still there.leaned with Hurricane Beulah Sept 17, 1967 


 City Dock

 what is left of the dock



 City Park 


 Villas Latina

 La Ceiba del Mar


 Beach house

 More destruction on beach


 More beach

 Villas Sol



 Villas Sol

 On the beach in front of our house


 Los Arrecifes

 Casita Del Mar 


Casita del Mar

Casa Dos Amigos 

 Casa Dos Amigos 

 My garden


 Condos north of village 

 Palapas looking north from our house 


 Ferry pushed ashore 

 No roofs left 


Road to Colonia on  25th Oct 

 High voltage tower down in Colonia 


 26th October.  There is life after hurricane

 Cancun Hotel Zone 


 On Av Coba,  Downtown Cancun

 Road on Kukulan Av Hotel Zone Cancun


 Cancun Hotel Zone

 Cancun Hotel Zone



 Hotel Zone  Cancun

 We Survived 


 Getting electricity  Nov 15




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