Coni and Bills home in Puerto Morelos 

Leaning Lighthouse since Buelah Sept 17, 1967

Track of Buelah

Bill's buddy Joe

Abner trimming tree after Roxanne 10-95

Our Jungle lot -Calle 14 Zona Urbana 

Mernie & Coni painting gate after Roxanne 10-95

Last drive to Mexico 1995

Wilmo & Fernando Cuzi with Swordfish

Cabaņas Puerto Morelos -home for 10 years

Another view of Cabaņas 

Bill & Ramon 1996  Start of new house 

View from Casa Dos Amigos 1984

Casa Dos Flojos 

View from our house 

Pelicanos Seafood Restaurant 

Puerto Morelos Parque 

Facing Puerto Morelos from fishermans pier 

Facing right from fishermans pier 


            Beach, Puerto Morelos                                                                        Fishing boats                             

Church of San Jose 

Bill and Tucan Gilberto

Puerto Morelos Fishermans Pier

Coni's 70th birthday present

Rich & Mernie doing shooters 1985

Nito & cousin Jeff 1985


Crew after Shakers 

Sunrise in Puerto Morelos 

The Fishermen

Fernando Cuzi 1980

Nito, Juhani, Bill -PM Fishing contest 

Bill &  Gallo Fishing contest 

2003 fishing contest

Bill & Pez Vela

Yambo - our Gardner & family






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