Various travels in Mexico 2004

In Mid February Raija ,Mary Jane and I decided we needed a break and so we decided to go to Isla Holbox.  It is about a 3-½ hour drive northwest from here to the village of Chiquilá.  We drove west to KM 80 which is right on the Quintana Roo/Yucatán border and then north to Chiquilá where we caught a ferry for a 20 minute ride across (Gulf of Mexico) to the Island.  The other side of the island faced the Caribbean.

It is a small island, quite rustic, sand roads, and no cars on the island except for about 3 pickup trucks.  The people use golf carts, electric scooters, bicycles or just walk.  We hired a guide to take us out to see the dolphins feeding on Thursday morning and he picked us up at the hotel and we walked the 2 km across the island to his boat. He said he had been there about 7 years and since then does not wear shoes, eats when he feels hungry and that it is a very tranquil life. 


Main Street Isla Holbox

Mary Jane & Raija swimming with Pelicans

Dolpins on Gulf side early in the morning

Beach Caribbean Side of Island

Bill and I went to Tlaquepaque, Jalisco in April 2004.  It is just outside of Guadalajara.  And great artesian markets there and in nearby Tonola.  What fun I had.  Actually we went cause we were there about 8/9 years ago and Bill got a paper machie giraffe for a friend, and now he has decided he wanted one also.  I had not planned to do any shopping.  My house is full and ….  So did not take an extra suitcase.  Bad idea.

On Thursday went to Tonala  and after walking about a mile found the shop we wanted and not only did he get a giraffe, but a zebra and a cheetah.  We had to have them shipped. 


 Friday wandered Tlaquepaque and then Saturday the Tequila Express train to town of Tequila and a tour of a distillery.  From 10 am to 8 pm party time.  All the beer and Tequila you wanted, music, (mariachis and singers) and tour and lunch and more entertainment and then dancing for all the guests.  And by them most of them were pretty well borracho so fun was had by all. Was around 200/250 people in all and all but about 40 were Spanish speaking, and they do love to party.  !!!!

Then on Sunday again back to the market at Tonola.


San Jose Bed & Breakfast, Tlaquepaque


Mariachis on train

1st stage of Tequila

Jalisco Folklore Dancers

Male Singer

Female Singer


Tonala Market


Our Paper Machie Zoo


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