The center of Gilbert crossed over the northeast portion of the Yucatan Peninsula (Puerto Morelos & Cancun) on 14 September 1988 as a category 5 hurricane, with winds of  200+ mph and moving at 15 mph the first category 5 to make landfall in the western hemisphere since Camille in 1969.  The hurricane lost strength quite rapidly as the eye moved across the Yucatan Peninsula with the minimum pressure rising to around 950 mb by the time the center emerged over the southwest Gulf of Mexico.   It continued the same course and made landfall again on the northeast Mexican coast just north of the town of LaPesca and then passes south of Monterrey and turned and moved across western Texas and Oklahoma.



 Puerto Morelos after Gilbert 


 View from our house after Gilbert



 Casa Dos Amigos 

 Ojo de Aqua



 Grocery Store 


 Cabaņas clean up crew

 Our Tulipanas tree


 Survivors November 1988

 Path of Gilbert


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