This page includes a short list of the friends and family of Bill and Coni, in Mexico and around the world.



Proud grandmother!

Sisters & Brother - 2002 (not taken in Mexico)

Niki, Dillon and Coni (1st Communion 2002)

A night in Merida with Orlando,& Don & Louise

Barb and Rich - - Neighbors of Niki and Dillon

A night at Pelicanos with Abner and friends.

Ron at Tulum 

Bill & Abner 1987

Ron & Coni 

Us with sister Pat & husband Ray at Tical, Guatamala

Niki & Bill ready for Christmas Eve 2002

Coni, Don and Louise at Pelicanos 

Gang after Spa and lunch 

Mary Jane (Mernie)

Nancy B at Marlin Azul 

Coni and Pat Leitchman 

Mernie,Coni, Bill, Aunt Edna (88 yrs)  1995

Joan & Coni 

Emilio, Nary, John, M, Bill 1985

Teri, Ernesto,Ernesto Jr. 1984

Fiesta October 1987

Fiesta May 1988

Thanksgiving 1993

Mernie, Carol,Mary,Bill,Coni,Mike 

Don & Louise shopping, Merida May 2003

Pat, Orlando, Coni - December  1977


Orlando May 03

Juan Pablo, Fernando, Ximena and Cachis

Fernando & Ximena 1989

Bill & Ximena Siesta

Ron and MaryAnn 

Mernie, Coni, Iris 1998

Emilio  & Nary  1978-79


Ojo de Agua 1970's

Jack, Winnie, Bill in Winnie's pool 

Clara, Jean,Coni - Winnie's pool area

Coni, Curly in Merida 2001

Coni's birthday - Abner-Maria Elena-Teresa-Raija

Mernie, KK,Amy, Pearl, Mary at XelHa

Wedding Pablo & Cachis 1995


Baptism at chapel at Wilmo's U Lu'umton

Bill & Ron  May 2004

Alma, Mariana & Dr. Enrique Minor  2003

Newest addition to Minor family - Zahir 12/29/07

Bill & Coni 2006

Bill & Coni Christmas 2007

Butcher Schullo Family Easter 2007

Butcher Schullo family New Years  2008

Bill & his Pickle 2006

Christmas 2008

Easter 2009

Christmas 2007

Gramma & Dillon 16th birthday  Sept 2008

Granddaughter Sadie & Great Grandson Benjamin

Butcher/Betanzos 2005

November 2008  at Cantina

November 2007

November 2007

Louisa's birthday 2007

2008 Edith and Pat at Cantina

Coni, Mary Jane and Barb  2010

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