The family, friends and travel page by Coni and Bill. 

This started as a site for our travel photos for friends.  It has evolved to include all travels in the past 30 years as well as photos of family and friends here in Puerto Morelos.  I know it has grown large, but hopefully you will enjoy at least parts of it. 

Wilbert (Bill) Butcher passed away in Puerto Morelos, Mexico on 14 August 2009 at the age of 78 after a long illness  surrounded by his wife Coni and other family and friends.  He is survived by his wife Coni of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. sister Pat Steinwandt, son Ronald Butcher and a step daughter Nicolette Schullo ,  grandchildren  Dillon Schullo , Sadie and Clifford Butcher and great grandson, Benjamin Glassow.  He was cremated and his ashes will be scattered in  celebration of his life at  the coral reef in Puerto Morelos National Park in December.   He retired December 1986 and moved to Puerto Morelos, (Cancun) , Mexico the following June.   He and his wife traveled extensively during their retirement.  Including many states in Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador and Peru, and then traveled to  Russia, Europe and Africa until  2004  when it became impossible for him to travel.



Most people think it's a bad thing to do.  They think it's lazy, self-indulgent.  They work too hard, they don't have time, the kids won't let them .  But you must take the time.  It will make you live longer.  A half hour nap isn't a half hour lost; it's an hour added to your life.  Siesta's are restorative. Siestas allow your mind to free-associate.  A siesta is not a waste of time.  It's nature's way of reminding you that 

life is really...nice.

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Casa Dos Amigos

Extensive tour of Mexico in summer 94.

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Family & Friends

Travels to Guatemala

Hurricane Gilberto in Sept  14, 1988.

Niki & Dillon trip Holbox & Chichenitza in July 2006.


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 The family of Bill Butcher invites you to participate in the celebration of his life as we scatter his ashes at the reef here in Puerto Morelos on Tuesday 29th December 2009 10:30 AM. For many many years he enjoyed diving and snorkeling in these waters and it was his wish that he be part of that reef forever.   We will have boats available for anyone that wants to participate with us at the main dock in Puerto Morelos. After we return to shore everyone is invited to my house:  #776 Av. Rojo Gomez for fiesta.   Hope you can join us.  


Europe 2010

 Memoriam for Bill on 29 Dec 2009